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Laparoscopic Surgery in Kerala

Laparoscopic Surgery also known as minimally invasive or "keyhole surgery" has significant advantages for patients as it produces smaller scars and faster recovery times. It is however technically demanding so that many hospitals in india presently perform advanced surgical procedures using this technique.
Lifeline Hospital Kerala has one of the best advanced laparoscopic expertise in the country. This, combined with our Bioclad (world's first antimicrobial wall cladding) integrated laparoscopic operation theatres, means that we are probably performing more advanced laparoscopic surgery than anywhere else in the country. Our surgeons are fully trained in advanced laparoscopy; we have a laparoscopic surgeon had initially acquired impressive Fellowships and Diplomas from Rajiv Gandhi University, Bangalore and the World Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons.

Surgical Laparoscopy

There are a variety of diseases and conditions of the colon and rectum for which surgery is recommended. In addition to the decision to undergo surgery, patients are often faced with a choice of traditional or minimally invasive surgical techniques.

Gynaec Laparoscopy

Gynecologic laparoscopy is an alternative to open surgery. Laparoscopy generally has a shorter healing time than open surgery. It also leaves smaller scars. A gynecologist, general surgeon, or other specialist may perform this procedure.


Our mission to provide state of art Laparoscopic or minimally invasive Surgery training to meet the learning requirements of national and international health care professionals.
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  • Jyothi a staff nurse who works in UK

    Initially I would like to talk about my weight loss.I was born and brought abroad and due to the lifestyle there I used to be obese since childhood. I never used to take that as an issue as it would not bother me even though people gave me advice.

  • Rani Kerala

    Last year in Nov 2014, I got my hysterectomy done at Lifeline Hospital Kerala. the treatment is excellent but they discourage the relatives and meeting peoples which is also good for the safety of patient. I thanks to all the staff and Doctors.

  • Letha Kerala

    Our pregnancy related problem was solved nicely at Lifeline Hospital and Now I have a 3 year old child. Thanks to World Laparoscopy Hospital for the excellent laparoscopic surgery of ovarian endometrioma. I am very thankful. Its a Excellent hospital. Doctors are really cool minded even in Panic situation they know what to do and how to deal with situation.